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Agricola del Sole

Logo Agricola del Sole

The young company Agricola del Sole has a strong relationship to its land, the city of Bari and its Northern neighbourhood, in Southern Italy, and has found its treasure in the territory’s ancient traditions and flavors. 


Logo Bibanesi

Bibanesi boasts generations of antique traditions in the field of producing typical Venetian bread. Partly bread and partly breadsticks Bibanesi will surprise you with their irresistible flavour and the unique fragrance.

Caramazza Salvatore

Logo Caramazza

"Azienda Agricola Caramazza Salvatore" is a family-run business who produce mainly oregano in the Agrigento area, in Sicily, from more than 15 years.

Caviar Import

Logo Caviar Import

Caviar Import has gained the trust of the most refined consumers as well as an high prestige image. It guarantees fresh product, careful selection, good quality and prompt delivery through its exclusive brand Iran Darya.


Logo Crea

Crea is one of the most important Italian companies for the processing of the Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP and dried fruits in general, as well as the cocoa derivatives.

Creme di Rachele

Creme di Rachele logo

Creme di Rachele is a small company located in Central Italy which has a close knowledge of the finest raw materials, and working processes are handcrafted to ensure the best quality to products. 

Dolciaria Ambrosiana

Logo Dolciaria Ambrosiana

Families Pedote and Fanizzi, decide to gather up the sweet inheritance of Papà Nicola, mixing three fundamental ingredients: the characteristic products of the territory, the artisanal techniques of the past and the innovation of modern technology.


Logo Donelli

In 1915 Adolfo Donelli decided to turn his passion into a job; during almost a century, the estate’s DNA has remained the same: nothing but enthusiasm and enterprise, appreciation and recognition, with the latest technologies placed at the service of tradition.

Easy ‘Nduja

Logo Easy ‘Nduja

Easy ‘Nduja is a new way to consume one of the most famous typical Calabrian food.

 Our local Italian producer 


Logo Figuli

Quality, lightness and flavour: this has been Figulì’s philosophy since 1954. Figulì focus on quality Italian products, mixing Italian extra virgin olive oil and unrefined sea salt from Cervia all together by hand, in a fresh, different and innovative way.


Fox Snack

Starting with peanuts, which only came to Italy with the Marshall Plan in 1948; continuing with the first chili pepper-flavoured rice crackers, maize Tortilla Chips and later artisan potato crisps with rosemary.
Simple, humble products from the land, for moments of happiness, aperitifs or Happy Hour.


Logo Figuli

In 1932 Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro opened their bakery in Northeastern Italy. Today all the products are still made according to the artisan tradition, in the factory you will find the same scents and atmosphere as the original family bakery.


Logo Italia Tartufi

ItaliaTartufi is an Italian family-run business dedicated to the hunting of truffles since past generations. The aim is to offer truffles in a modern way ensuring a link between past and future and spreading the culture of quality food.

La Gondola

La Gondola logoThe La Gondola Canning Factory was founded by Italians who brought the first canneries to Matosinhos, northern Portugal, in 1940. The company's guidelines remain in high quality products.

La Fraiola

Logo La FraiolaLa Fraiola is a pasta maker in a small town in the region of Abruzzo and uses a traditional, mono-processing techniques. This process gives the pasta a distinct consistency and robustness and keeps it from becoming sticky. It has a soft and extremely resistant texture.

Le Preziose

Logo Le Preziose

Le Preziose is based in the Calabria region, in the South of Italy. Jelly sweets are the real star product of the company, which contains 15% of juice from fruits growned in the mythical places between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas.


"L'ulivo” is a family run farm based in Adrano, 37 km from Catania, Sicily, on the foothills of Mount Etna. They mainly produce and process Nocellara Etnea Olives, which are considered one of the finest and tastiest varieties of Italian olives.

Manuel Caffè

Logo Manuel Caffè

“Manuel Caffè” is a leading Italian roasting company located in Northeast Italy. It has a long tradition and wide experience in coffee production and coffee trade, enriching it with that inimitable Italian touch.

 Italian local producer 

Nonna Anna

Logo Nonna Anna

Nonna Anna is an artisan company close to Naples who try to enhance the best of local food traditions.

Nonna Jole

Logo Nonna Jole

For three generations, Nonna Jole has epitomised the very best in traditional italian biscuits. The history began more than sixty years ago with the tuscany "Cantucci" - baked according to Signora Jole's recipe.


Logo Papa Dolceamaro

Since 1975 Pietro and Rosa started the production of the finest dragees in the South of Italy, in the city of Isernia, a land rich in confectionary tradition and in craftsmanship.

Parco dei Sassi

Logo Parco dei Sassi

'Acetaia' Parco dei Sassi is located in the Emilian Apennines close to Modena. Vinegar does not include the addition of preservatives or products suitable for color correction.

Polara - Antica Ricetta Siciliana

Polara Antica Ricetta Siciliana logo

Polara offer its customers of today the natural goodness of yesterday, rediscovering their own Sicilian roots and selecting its best ingredients and most characteristic fruits to authentic beverages.

Principe di Gerace

Logo Principe di Gerace

Principe di Gerace represents a top quality product range processed with the highest standards according to the company long lasting experience. Olive oil is obtained exclusively from company’s secular family farm olive plantations.

Salumificio Calla

Logo Burgentino

'Salumificio Burgentino' brings from the historic gastronomic experience of Lucania, in the South of Italy, all the traditional methods which give their products an authentic taste.

Rosola di Zocca

Logo Rosola di Zocca

Dairy farm is located in Rosola, a small town in the Modena Apennines. The strength of their products comes from forage, which is produced on the mountains fields, and gives cheese a unique variety of aromas and flavors.


Logo Scaldaferro

Scaldaferro produces its nougat from 1919 in Dolo, a town very close to Venice. Through the decades, it specialized in the artisan production, refining the traditional recipe and favouring high quality.


Logo Sommariva

The ancient Sommariva oil mill is located in Albenga, on the west coast of the Ligurian Riviera. The production is a traditional artisan process and products are almost all cultivated at the family’s own farm.

Torre di Oricchio

Logo Torre di Oricchio

Company is located within the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, in the South of Italy. For generations it deals with the processing of Cilento figs, following a tradition handed down from father to son.


Logo Valsamoggia

Valsamoggia cheese factory was founded in 1974 and it continues the ancient methods of production, that along with modern technology attests the genuineness of its products.



Vero Lucano

Logo Vero Lucano

‘Vero Lucano’ is a consortium of artisan bakers who maintain the tradition and bounty of their typical local products, using exclusively raw materials produced in the Basilicata region.

Villa Reale

Logo Villa Reale

Villa Reale creates its products in the heart of Sicilian countryside, following long established recipes that for generations have been locked away in Sicily’s heart.

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