Italians might know their way around a charcuterie board, but there are also plenty of vegetarian Italian dishes that are packed full of flavour. Whether you’re vegetarian all year round or are feeling inspired by National Vegetarian Week, you can follow our quick and easy recipes for a three-course Italian meal.


Chopping herbs

Starter: Brie & Pomegranate Bruschetta

Quick, light and tasty, bruschetta is the perfect starter dish (or antipasto). While the traditional recipe consists of olive oil and tomato, we’ve experimented with flavours to come up with an indulgent twist: brie and pomegranate bruschetta. It’s unique, rich and has just a hint of sweetness. Delizioso!

Main: White Pizza with Brie and Figs

For anyone who’s unfamiliar, a white pizza is a pizza without tomato sauce. The trick to pulling it off is making sure you substitute plenty of other tasty ingredients. Our white pizza with brie and figs is complemented with a drizzling of honey and a handful of pine kernels to draw out the natural flavours in the food.

Dessert: Tiramisú With Chocolate Chips

What’s better than coffee or chocolate? Coffee and chocolate. Throw in some cake and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Our tiramisú with chocolate chips is a traditional Italian dessert that comprises layers of sponge fingers separated by a deliciously rich mix of mascarpone cheese, dessert wine and dark chocolate. 

Buon pranzo!