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Artisan Pasta Calamarata, Vero Lucano 500g

Ref: FAIT005

Crafted with care in the region of Basilicata in Southern Italy by Vero Lucano, Calamarata is a wide ring shaped pasta. This shape of pasta originates from Naples, and its name is a reference of the shape, reminiscent of Calamari squid rings. Made using the very finest durum wheat semolina grains, Calamarata undertakes a 48 hour slow-drying process. This creates a very special artisan pasta, which is a fantastic accompaniment for calamari and other fish based recipes.

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  • Perfect for seafood dishes.
  • Made with the finest durum wheat semolina grain. 
  • 48 hour slow dried. 
  • Produced in Matera, Italy.

For information about ingredients and allergens please view the label image

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