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Pasta with Tomato Sauce

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Tagliatelle with Tomato Sauce


250g Tagliatelle

Rock salt, two handful

300g Tomato Sauce

EV olive oil

Parmesan cheese


Fill a big saucepan with cold water - pasta needs to cook in a lot of water - and bring to the boil before adding your pasta.

Add two handful of rock salt, then the pasta. The tagliatelle will take 4-5 mins. Stir occasionally. To check the pasta is done, use a fork to taste a small piece. If it is still hard, cook it for a few more seconds.

While the pasta is cooking you can start heating the sauce. You do not need to add anything as our sauce is ready to eat. Let the sauce simmer gently for a few mins.

When the pasta is fully cooked, drain it and pour it in the tomato sauce. Gently stir.

Spread a plentiful handful of freshly grated Parmesan cheese and a thread of extra virgin olive oil over the top.

Then flip the tagliatelle a couple of times so that the sauce is absorbed uniformly.

Serve on warm dishes.