Did you know that 7th July is World Chocolate Day?


Italian chocolate dragees


Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s always a good time for chocolate, but most of us automatically assume that hot weather and chocolate are a dangerous combination.

So why does World Chocolate Day, which is largely celebrated around the UK and Europe, fall during our summer time?

Rumour has it that it marks the anniversary of chocolate being introduced to Europe, but that’s never been confirmed.

Whatever the reason the date first arose, the good news is that chocolate is just as delicious in the summer as in the winter. In fact, even in the hot weather, you don’t need to store your chocolate in the fridge!

Sudden changes in temperature can cause your chocolate to bloom, which is when you start to see small white spots appearing on the surface. Ideally, you should aim to store your chocolate at 14°C, but in European countries, it’s not uncommon to keep it at room temperature on the side board.

All of which means that you can join in the celebration by stocking up on chocolate without having to worry about fridge space.

We’ve even launched our brand-new, traditional Italian Dragée chocolates just in time! They’re a delicious combination of hazelnut and cocoa with a rich and creamy chocolate spread.

Happy World Chocolate Day!