What makes a good pasta?

Pasta is made from two simple ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water.

With only two ingredients, their quality determines the final result. Particularly, the wheat used makes a huge difference on the quality of pasta.

Italian Artisan Pasta

It is the quality and quantity of the gluten present that primarily determines the quality of the wheat. When the wheat is mixed with the water to form the dough, this starts a process that integrates two proteins in the wheat to make gluten. The gluten forms a structure around the starch that has also come from the wheat, forming a uniform textured dough ready to make pasta.

The much sort after ‘al dente’ texture of cooked pasta is a result of the gluten working its hardest to protect the internal structure of the pasta and giving it strength as it is cooked in boiling water. If the water that the pasta is cooked in remains colourless, then you can be assured that the gluten has done a good job and kept the starch under control. In this case, the result is ‘al dente’ pasta. Out of control, the starch will absorb the cooking water and swell until it breaks; the result is cloudy cooking water and soggy pasta.

Our wheat pasta is made using robust durum wheat semolina sourced locally in the south of Italy, precisely in Lucania area. Various checks and measures determine the strength of the gluten present in each batch of wheat, and only wheat with premium quality and right quantity of wheat is used.

Posted By Hay Hampers at 15/10/2019

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