Spread A Little Love in wood box is a fantastic selection of three scrumptious, artisan made spreads;


Spread a little love


Nocciolosa Spread is a rich toasted hazelnut spread, which works fantastic on toast or added into desserts. Its generous 45% hazelnut content is far higher than other supermarket equivalents (around 12% average), this lends to a velvety and sweet balance.
Vanitosa, with lightly toasted pistachios, is perfect for adorning your morning toast, or using as an additive/topper for desserts and other dishes.
The term ‘Favolosa’ is the Italian word for fabulous, and this delightful spread crafted with premium milk powders is just that! It's smooth texture and gorgeous taste is enjoyable as a snack or part of your breakfast routine. 

Utilising the very best ingredients and using classic artisanal methods, these spreads are a real labour of love!