Fish Pate


Our team has been busy taste-testing, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll soon be featuring pâtés from long-standing Portuguese institution, La Gondola.

If you’re wondering where the company gets its Italian name, you need to trace it all the way back to its roots. Founded in 1940, La Gondola was the brainchild of an Italian couple who sought refuge in Portugal during the Second World War. They opened one of the first canning companies in Portugal at the time, and more than 50 years later, their company is still going strong.

Unsurprisingly, La Gondola likes to be out on the water. The team works with local fisherman to ensure that all the fish used in their pâté is traceable and is caught during the times it’s at its best quality. The company is even working with conservationists to help ensure the future of Portugal’s waters, with the ICanSea project aiming to preserve the marine life population and introduce greater macroalgaes around the coast to produce fish with less salt and more iodine.

They then turn the catch of the day into delicious pâté using the traditional pre-cooked method. All the fish is prepared on the day it’s caught to ensure it doesn’t lose any of its fresh flavour. Between the smooth texture and the moreish taste, La Gondola has got us hook, line and sinker.