Today it is 1st May.

For the Brits, it's just a working day, but in some other countries including Italy, the first day of May is Labour’s Day, and it's a bank holiday. As this year it's on a Wednesday, Italians have two options to "cross the bridge". 

Fare il ponte in italian means a long weekend due to a bank holiday


"Cross the bridge" is the litteral translation of the Italian expression "fare il ponte”, which refers to bridges only figuratively, as it's actually a long weekend due to a bank holiday; in fact, it is very popular for Italians to add some more days off from work (the bridge refers to this). 

As the 1st of May is in the middle of the week this year, most of the Italians have chosen to stay off from work from the last weekend till today, or from today till the next weekend.

"Buon ponte" to the Italians!