Every region of Italy has its own local cuisine, but Sicily’s is perhaps the most unique, thanks to early Arabic influences and, later, settlers from Spain and Greece. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Sicilian dishes that reflect the island’s rich (and delicious) history.

Pasta con le Sarde

Sicily’s island status means that seafood is a speciality. You’ll often find this dish around Palermo, and it’s made with local sardines and spaghetti and seasoned with pine kernels and sultanas.


Cassata is a party dish that reflects the island’s Arabic history. It’s a type of cake that’s made with candied fruits, ricotta and pistachios and it makes a great centrepiece at the end of a meal.


Rice is a staple food in Sicily, and one of its most popular uses is in arancini - or rice balls. These delicious fried snacks come with a variety of fillings, although they’re all typically topped off with mozzarella.


It wouldn’t be an Italian menu without pizza - but the Sicilian take is a little different to what you might be expecting. Sfincione is the type of thick-crust pizza that you’re more likely to find in the States, but it’s usually white (meaning served without tomato sauce).


A great option for vegetarians, caponata is made with fried aubergine and celery in a sweet and sour tomato sauce. There are many different variations of this staple dish, but the most important thing is that they’re delicious!

Whether you like sweet or savoury, there’s a Sicilian staple for everyone! Which one is your favourite?