Last month we were proud and delighted to be able to work with and for Leicestershire County Council to contribute Italian flavour to thank you hampers for county-based foster carers and the children in their care.

Italy2eat has contributed with and for Leicestershire Cunty Council

We worked with them to source not just the components of nutritious and delicious meals but food that was fun to put together and cook with the children as an activity in itself while working through the difficult lockdown and home schooling period. 

LCC wanted to show their appreciation for all the support, dedication and reassurance that the brilliant carers had given the children in this very troubling and concerning period of change for everyone. And the results and feedback they have seen through social media seems that it all went down very well, with exactly the desired effect of fun as well as full tums!

Italy2Eat contributed the components to make delicious (and 100% authentic) Italian pizzas complete with; pizza dough base mix, tomato sauce, olives, spicy nduja sausage and pepperoni toppings, plus the components for a second delicious meal of durum wheat pasta plus the choice of either pesto or tomato based sauce and freshly grated parmesan cheese. With plenty left over for additions to future meals. 

Like a trip without a trip with plenty of opportunities to learn about food & culture, as well as cooking itself. We were thrilled to hear how much they all enjoyed their meals.

Buon Appetito!