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Italian Snack Chianchette, Agricola del Sole 40g

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Italian Snack Chianchette, Agricola del Sole 40g

Ref: FAIT047

Chianchette (pronounced kianketter)are delicious Italian snacks. They take their name from the “chianche”, which are flat stones commonly used to cover the lanes of the old town centres in the province of Bari, Italy and to build “dry walls”. The durum wheat semolina gives Chianchette a unique crispness. These snacks are perfect to whet the appetite thanks to the enhancing taste of fennel.

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Product Description

Chianchette are ideal appetizers especially served with dairy products, cheese, cold cuts and grilled vegetables.

For information about ingredients and allergens please view the label image above.

Agricola del Sole has a strong relationship to its land, Bari and its Northern neighborhood in Apulia region, in the South of Italy. Quality of raw materials as well as the whole farming chain are extremely important, in order to always ensure genuine and fresh products at reasonable costs and without intermediaries.
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