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Figuli Gourmet Tele Classic Bread Crackers

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Sourdough Crackers 'Minitele', Figulì 50g

Ref: FAIT037

Light, healthy snack.Ideal for dipping and spreading.Compliments fish dishes.

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Product Description

Handmade authentic Italian baked bread thins. Ideal for dipping and spreading. The only ones you can spread with a topping without them breaking. They are called Tele because they are like a blank canvas and now it’s up to you to fill it with delicious flavour… Figulì all began with the Foglie which were created at Ristorante Albertini in Visnadello (Treviso). The recipe used for the breads and crackers they baked and served in the restaurant was altered to make them lighter and healthier, eliminating fats such as LARD; after trying out the recipe time and time again, these thin, extra-light, crisp “Foglie” crackers were created, and they were an instant hit with guests at the restaurant. The idea was to create a tasty accompaniment to the fish carpaccio and the other very delicately flavoured fish dishes served at the restaurant, but an accompaniment that would not overwhelm them. First they were given to customers to try at the end of the meal and then, within a very short space of time, it was the customers themselves who were asking to buy them… this is how the Foglie di Visnadello got their name.
Quality, lightness and flavour: this has been Figulì’s philosophy since 1954; using just a couple of essential ingredients which are chosen for their invaluable nutritional value, like high gluten flour. Figulì focus on quality Italian products, they mix Italian extra virgin olive oil and unrefined sea salt from Cervia all together by hand, in a fresh, different and innovative way.
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