It seems that vinegar is trendy right now, but what is the reason?

Balsamic Vinegar is trending


We’re acquiring a taste for ‘sour’, fuelled by our continuing appetite for Levantine cuisine. Sharp, tangy tastes are having a moment. Furthemore, fermented foods and vinegar are associated with improved digestion and gut health. Finally, with the low- and no-alcohol trend, teetotallers are seeking drinks with complexity, health benefits and less sweetness.

There are fun infusions to play with: from Burren Balsamics’ Beetroot & Cocoa Nib to Yarty Black Garlic Vinegar. The trick with unusual vinegars is to give customers ideas.

Will the trend last? Probably yes. Vinegar is versatile, healthy and has a long shelf life. Twenty years ago, chefs would not have known what to do with raspberry vinegar. Now they are drizzling it over beetroot, berries, Greek yoghurt, ice cream and experimenting with drinks. It took 15 years for balsamic vinegar to appear on Jo Public’s dinner table, but look at it now. Good cooks have always known that if a dish isn’t coming together, acidity – not just salt – is what is lacking.

Vinegar will brighten kitchens!