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Instant Drinking Chocolate Manuel

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Drinking Chocolate, Manuel 250g

Ref: FAIT019

Instant drinking chocolate that belongs to a new Manuel line of soluble products called "Rapidissimi", that means "very quick". In fact, preparation takes few minutes and it's recommended for those who wants a delicious break, but with not so much time.

A sophisticated balance of scent and flavor, Manuel instant drinking chocolate gives an energizing pleasure.

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Product Description

  • Italian instant drinking hot chocolate.
  • Preparations takes a few minutes.
Manuel Caffè is a leading Italian roasting company located in northeastern Italy, wich has a long tradition and wide experience in coffee production and coffee trade, as well as infusions and teas. From the fifties when Manuel Caffè’s two-generation story began, the company evolved relentlessly, but the working method always remained the same, a series of operations that transform the original product, living it personality and enriching it with that inimitable Italian touch.
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Producer Manuel

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